Mold Making

At Symbio Plast, Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art in-house mold shop is a central part of our operations. With our ability to design and build molds in-house, we keep tight control over quality and timelines while offering customers a low tooling cost option. Our mold making capabilities are backed up by a staff of tool and die professionals who are the best in the business and up-to-date on all of the latest plastic molding materials and technologies.

By taking a scientific and strategic approach to mold design, we make intelligent decisions based on the part geometry, characteristics of the molding material, the specific molding process, and the estimated product life cycle. Our mold design process involves the use of various analysis and diagnostic tools to validate our design concepts and ensure a high rate of conforming product.

We manufacture precision quality blow molds and injection molds with features such as collapsible cores, hot runner systems, and multi-cavity configurations for molding entire part families. For existing molds, we can incorporate engineering changes and recondition tooling to meet new or revised specifications.

Great for you

Our highly skilled tooling professionals are dedicated to meeting standards related to the aerospace, transportation, electronic, medical, military, and many other demanding markets. We work diligently to complete tooling projects accurately and within a condensed timeframe to get production launched in a timely manner. Contact us directly for additional information about our custom mold making capabilities or a quote.

Symbio Plast is a fully capable molder who works closely with customers to transform their design into a finished product. We service the sports equipment, electronics, medical, communications, and consumer product industries, and pride ourselves on our precision, prompt products delivery, high quality and competitive prices.