Symbio Plast been pushing the boundaries—in plastics, precision, performance and people. Because perfection is what our best-in-class manufacturing clients need and expect. Our commitment to excellence has helped SYMBIO PLAST grow into a globally recognised and trusted leader in injection molding.

We tackle problems, test theories and partner with the best engineers so we can be the source for Where Innovation Takes Form. And over a decades, we’ve also maintained a steadfast commitment to customer service, protecting cost efficiencies and profitability on every project.

We are the leading manufacturer,  offering Plastic Paint Pails,Packaging Containers, industrial packing solutions, plastic dust Bins, and many more. We also provide Plastic Injection Moulding (Production) Service to our customers.

We manufacture plastics are combine  of both commodity and engineering polymers  like PP,PE,PS,ABS, PC, Derlin, GF Nylon and other polymers in relation with the application of the plastic  Electrical, Engineering ,Automobile and Lab-ware sectors.

Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Profile & Ambition

It is our ambition to be your preferred global supplier of innovative and added value packaging solutions. We serve as a reliable full service partner to customers in the Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Home Care markets. Respecting our corporate social responsibility, we strive for fast growth with long term and constructive relationships.

Quality Management

A commitment to quality leadership permeates Symbio Plast quality systems. We meet the required standards with mature systems that are rigorously audited and calibrated with industry expectations on a continual basis. Symbio Plast quality teams have a rich understanding of global regulatory and industry trends.

We believes in Multi-level skill training program and our technicians do possesses skills on various machines so that we have a pool of multi-skilled and multi talented work force at our disposal and which in turn helps  to churn out a flexible manufacturing system and quick deliveries.

We strongly believe in Total Customer satisfaction by providing, competitive pricing and stringent quality checks and timely deliveries.  Every job that gets into our order books invariably has continuously monitored process and time plan, so that we do not slip on the deliveries and parts not confirming to the customers spec would be filtered out in our checks and would never reach the customer.