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Injection Molding

Achromatic Plastics has over 110,000 square feet of temperature controlled manufacturing and warehouse space.

Insert Molding

Achromatic Plastics has vertical, rotary table molding machines specifically designed for insert molding.

Mold Making

A properly built and maintained injection mold will produce millions of parts. Symbio Plast Molds produces parts from a variety of customer molds, from prototype molds to multi-cavity hot runner production molds.

Secondary Operations

Our secondary operation assembly services assist in the reduction of supply chain costs. These services, which are customised to suit your specific needs.

Tooling Operations

Our tool shop is located within our facility and comprises approximately 6,000 square feet. It contains state of the art CNC Equipment along with all necessary auxiliary equipment needed to build, maintain, repair and revise our customers’ molds.

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